- Groups

Our team are always eager to give feedback about your dog’s behavior and offer advice on how to tackle unwanted behaviors.

Training is often beneficial, so we offer a range of assessments and courses at our dog training center in Bedfordshire to address a wide range of issues. Positive training methods are used, which include using food treats and toys and verbal praise.

Dog Training courses we offer serving Bedfordshire:

  • Puppy School

  • Beginners

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

We can work on a variety of behavioural challenges,

Examples of which may be:

  • Walking to heel

  • Prevent Jumping up

  • Stays

  • Meet & Greets – Meeting new people and new dogs

  • Other issues – just ask us what is possible

- Course Content

On arrival, you will have an allocated time with Jordan our trainer to discuss the issues you are having and what you would like us to concentrate on. Jordan will then assess your dog(s) and offer advice as to what can be accomplished within the 4 days.

During their stay, your dog(s) will be taken out for several short training sessions throughout the day where positive reinforcement training methods will be used to train your dog and to help overcome the challenges you are experiencing.

On the departure day, our trainer Jordan will again be available to discuss what has been accomplished and how to continue with the training at home.

- One to One Assessments and Training

1 hour session at AKA HQ Kennels dog training Bedfordshire– you meet with a qualified trainer to assess the issues and receive tips and advice as to how to proceed. A follow-up tailored training course is often beneficial.

- One to One Training

Sometimes dogs exhibit behavioral challenges that require professional intervention to help get you back on track. Here at AKA HQ Kennels our one-to-one training sessions allow you to attend the kennels with your dog(s) and meet Jordan to discuss the challenges you are facing.

One-to-one dog training sessions at our Bedfordshire kennels are one hour long and at a time convenient for you. During this time, you will receive an assessment and training advice as to how to overcome your challenges. You will also get the opportunity to practice the training techniques with the trainer present. We can work on a variety of behavioral challenges; from simply walking to heel to becoming more sociable with people and/or other dogs or any other issue you wish to resolve.

This may be a stand-alone session or you may feel that a few more sessions will be beneficial to help reinforce your progress. By booking a further course of 4 one-to-one sessions you will receive a discount.

Follow-up courses are held weekly to allow time for you and your dog(s) to work on what was explained and practiced during your one-to-one session.


Fully trained and very expe


- Out-call

One of our team  will come out to your home and help to deliver your puppies. I know what a worrying and stressful time this can be, especially if it is your first litter! Whelping service (stand-by cost, per day:) £25.00
Call out Fee: £250

- At our facilities

If you have thought about a litter but are worried about the birth or space then we are here to help. We will be there to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, although you have to understand complications can arise where a Vet is required in the case of a C-Section.

We can now offer to whelp your girl and take care of her & the puppies from birth until around 3 weeks of age if necessary. Each birth is different and also what the owners require, we are happy to have your girl here from a week before her due date until 1-3 weeks after the birth of her puppies.

We will treat your bitch and her puppies as if they were our own and will do everything to ensure they have the best possible start to life. We have all the necessities needed when having puppies from feeding bottles, incubators, milk, heat mats, whelping boxes with guard rails so mum cant dig the bed and smother a puppy. They will all be wormed & weaned on your choice of food and micro chipping is also available at a reduced rate. Once puppies arrive Mum & babies will receive 24hr care.  We provide a milk replacement should your bitch fail to produce enough for her litter.  We will send you regular photos and welcome you to visit. 

We have a separate quiet area for the puppies while they are young and need piece and quiet but once they are old enough the room turns into a puppy play room with plenty of toys and stimulation which is kept clean and is totally puppy safe. For a four week stay (1 week prior to birth and 3 weeks after) we charge £1300

  • 24hr Care & Monitoring of your bitch & Puppies

  • Whelping, Including recorded Birthing times, Weights & Identification Collars (Breed dependant)

  • Weighing of puppies AM & PM & recording

  • Drontal Puppy Wormer administered at 2 & 4 weeks of age

  • Replacement Milk if required.

Please note - We will not take the place of a veterinary surgeon and I will advise you if I feel that your bitch needs assistance from a vet.


Fully insurance and licensed under 'Animal & plant Health Agency' in a fully required vans. Charged per mile. Cover England and the Whole of the EU